Founder: The Late Muriel Ashmore
Dec. 29, 1943 - Mar. 31 1999

The Tiyospaye Crisis Center was located in Denver, run and operated by Muriel Ashmore since 1981. Muriel and the Tiyospaye Crisis Center Volunteers organized annual Thanksgiving and Christmas Food and Present Drives for the Oyate (people) of the Cankpe Opi Tiyospaye.


Before she passed away, Muriel was actively working to assist the Wounded Knee Community in obtaining a Community Building to help them meet the felt needs of their youth and elderly. In support of this effort Muriel established a building fund and set aside land for that purpose.



From her efforts, the Cankpe Opi Tiyospaye Community Building Initiative has evolved in to the
"Muriel Ashmore Memorial Community Building" for the Cankpe Opi Tiyospaye.

It is hoped that when the building is completed the Oyate (people) of the Wounded Knee
community will have local facilities for their community, such as:

It is also anticipated that the Muriel Ashmore Memorial Community Building for the Cankpe Opi Tiyospaye will also provide a place for creating as well as selling local Lakota Arts and Crafts, which are currently created in "Cottage Industries" and sold at the Wounded Knee Junction near the Wounded Knee sign, where every year, thousands of visitors come.


Below are some plans Muriel had drawn up to show her vision.


It would include a senior center and a child care center so that the youngest generation and the elders could be in close proximity to each other. There would be classrooms where the students could be tutored in subjects that they are floundering in, perhaps even have a computer room so everyone could be brought up to speed on the latest technological advances which would serve to assist them in a job search. There would also be a gallery area where the local artisans could display and sell their work without having to go through a middleman. She saw a basketball court for all the young and old to go to burn off their competitive energies as well as a swimming pool for those sizzling hot summer days. Central to the whole design is a Tipi.

The Lakota Four Directions design is intergrated into the architecture and layout of the above plans for the Muriel Ashmore Memorial Community Building.


You can support the Oyate of the Cankpe Opi (Wounded Knee) Tiyospaye (Community) with Contributions for the Building Fund, Donations of building materials or contributions of Professional Services rendered to the Muriel Ashmore Memorial Community Building for the Cankpe Opi Tiyospaye.


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